Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald

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Series: Fantastic Beasts (#2)
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An absolute shitshow. Rowling just deletes the first movies ending so she can have her cheap forbidden love story. And there's so many things that don't make any sense, just from a story perspective.


By the way, why is the only female auror in the whole book/movie just used as a love interest? It's so infuriating.
Grindelwald's motivations in the last scene are also so over the place! Killing muggles because they're gonna kill each other in an upcoming war... It's just a cheap excuse because I guess she couldn't think of any other motivation that wasn't blood purity.
Also, too many familiar names for nostalgia pandering, most of them could've been replaced with any other name and the story would've been just the same.
One final thing, Rowling, representation matters. Don't say Dumbledore's gay and had a relationship with Grindelwald if you're gonna be so secretive about it. Make him gay, make him say outloud that he can't fight him cause he loves him.
I didn't like it one bit.
Some disclaimers:

-I knew the spoilers before seeing the film
-I enjoyed the film in spite of its many flaws because I didn’t have to worry about how dumb the story was when I had already accepted it

With that out of the way, I decided to judge the screenplay as a screenplay. Which therefore includes inspecting the plot. OHHHH LORDYYYYY.

I think my biggest problem with this, despite the whole…going against all-things canon, is that the three month time-cut had a /lot/ happen that we were later told about rather than shown. Very minor beginning spoilers, but Credence’s survival was mentioned during Newt‘s fifth hearing (which we see), when it really should’ve been brought up on, I don’t know, the first or second hearing? Things like that scatter about and it’s a weak storytelling element.

Another problem is how I understood things while reading that I didn’t understand while I was watching, mostly because it was in the scene descriptions. This Grimmson guy, couldn’t tell you his name, occupation, or purpose until I saw the little blurb about him. We don’t see the action lines when we’re watching the movie, Jo! Sure, the film could’ve gone overboard with his look and general attitude to present this, but this is an example of when a script goes even further than just telling instead of showing, to not even showing at all.

The names gave me a laugh, though. Don’t know how I missed Antonio the Chupacabra’s name reveal in the film but it’ll be worth going again just to see Johnny Depp try not to make that sound hilarious.

The magic was fine. The new parts were interesting and the stuff we’ve seen before was lovely to come back to but I felt something was missing. Maybe it’s because I’m in my world geography phase but I wanted to learn even more about French wizardry and their customs, you know? I’m not disappointed necessarily but I wanted more.

All in all, this…well, it’s not her finest work. We know this. I’m sure she knows this. In terms of a screenplay in itself it’s purely average and in a wizarding world story it’s below average. But when you put all the pieces together I can still have a fun experience at the cinema, even if it’s not the Harry Potter experience I loved growing up.

Anyway, the MinaLima artwork is ON POINT.

Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald
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